Deep Connection

Create The Relationship Your Heart Desires

What is Deep Connection?

Open, Warm & Intimate

An open, warm and intimate environment that makes you feel safe, comfortable and easy to talk about personal things.


The playground for you to connect to a deeper level so you can create genuine and intimate relationships that may turn out to be your best allies, friends or soulmates.

Meeting Place

A meeting place of like-minded people who are committed to enhancing the quality of their lives with love & awareness.

Lotus Nguyen
Lotus Nguyen

About Lotus Nguyen

Lotus Nguyen is the creator if the system which is designed to assist busy individuals and organziations who want to enhance wellbeing, increase performance and achieve success. Through HEART-MINDfulness training, she helps her clients to tap into their resources and unleash their power to effectively deal with challenges and experience more peace, joy and fullfilment in their daily lives both at work and at home.

Deep Connection Tuesdays

Experience a sense of belonging, loving and connectedness.

Get to know more about yourself through ongoing learning, awakening, healing and growing.

Become more skillful and confident in your relationships.

Hear great stories and anecdotes and learn from them!

Open, Warm & Comfortable Environment To Talk

With Deep Connection You will Recieve:

After each meet-up, you’ll walk away not only with new meaningful connections but also with refreshing perspectives about love relationships.

You’ll have opportunities to continue exploring more new relationships while nurturing and strengthening the ones you have made through your interaction within the community.

You’ll have access to the Deep Connection Circle of people who are on the same path to love and happiness.

Enhance The Quality Of Life With Love & Awareness

Receive these BONUSES for FREE when you sign up for our monthly membership:


Mini-trainings to increase self-awareness for insight and wisdom, open up your heart-mend with more loving kindness and compassion.

Journal prompts

Journal prompts for inner enquiring.

Audio recordings

Audio recordings of guided meditation to assist your practice.


Deep Connection circle of like-minded, loving-heart people to explore new connections and nurturing the ones you have made.

Lotus Nguyen
Lotus Nguyen

Lotus Nguyen

Deep Connection

Create the relationship that your heart desires with love and awareness

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Create Genuine & Intimate Relationships

We are all close together

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